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Homecraft Everyday Bath and Shower Mats Click image to enlarge

Homecraft Everyday Bath and Shower Mats

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Product Details

This is a range of bath and shower mats designed to make personal hygiene much safer. Baths and showers can be incredibly slippery, and the risk of serious injury is much greater when concerning a person who is not confident on their feet due to a mobility condition. These soft-feel non-slip bath and shower mats from Homecraft are especially designed for extra comfort. They are soft to the feel but hard-working in the way they grip the base of the bath or shower. The basket weave style surface reduces the risk of slipping whilst standing or sitting. The mat has excellent grip due to the large number of suckers and the high-grade rubber material. Multiple drainage holes allow water to drain off the surface quickly. The waterproof foam material provides both safety and comfort, while the non-latex material also allows additional choice for those who suffer with allergies.

    • An assorted range of bath and shower mats which make the surface less slippery
    • Whilst being comfortable, they drastically reduce the risk of slipping
    • A large collection of suckers ensure that the bathmat remains stable while in use
    • Drainage holes ensure that the water is removed quickly for additional safety
    • They are comfortable to the touch, and the latex free construction will not irritate the skin

Available in three different sizes:
Regular bath mat - 700 x 405mm / 27.5 x 16 inches
Shower mat - 555 x 555mm / 22 x 22 inches
Long bath mat with neck rest - 1250 x 360mm / 49.25 x 14 inches

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