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Pebbell SOS Tracker

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The Carephone GPS SOS tracker is a high tech piece of equipment that aims to save lives.

Sometimes, peace of mind is all that is needed when it comes to vulnerable people. This gadget is simple, yet incredibly effective. Working as a tracking device, it uses GPS technology to assist those who may get lost or need assistance.

Using a SIM card, it can work like a mobile phone, facilitating two way conversation on a pay as you go SIM. Once the geo-locator is texted from another number, it will respond with the exact location. The small and light tracking device is stylish and simple to use.

The pebbell uses a compact design so as not to get in the way while being used. With up to 10 hours of battery power, users may bring this with them when out and about, confident in the knowledge that they may not get lost.

The pebbell incorporates a ‘geo-fence’ feature which will inform the emergency contacts whenever a mapped area is entered or left. A large, visible and easy to operate SOS button will contact three special contacts, informing them of the user’s location.

Such a product is ideal for vulnerable people, who would benefit greatly from knowing that help is just a tap away.

This clever device is ideal for those who are prone to wander, horse riders, and even pets!

• A stylish and compact geo locating, SOS tracking device, designed to provide comfort and reassurance to those on the move
• A 10 hour battery life and IP66 grade water and dust resistance ensure that emergency contact is available on the go
• Pressing the large button will send a location to three emergency contacts as well as initiating the voice call feature, using a UK sim card
• Geo-fences are virtual barriers which inform others if the user enters or leaves a specific mapped out area
• Weighing only 35 grams, this lightweight tracker can be used on the move and is available in an array of vibrant colours