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3 in 1 Pill Cutter & Store

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Ideal for large and awkward tablets and pills, this clever medication aid features a blade which efficiently splits solid and uncoated medication into two parts to be swallowed easily. The pill splitter holds the tablet still, whilst closing the lid of the splitter quickly and neatly breaks down any pills which are too large to easily swallow, to make medication more accessible. Another feature of the pill splitter is the separate section at the base of the product which serves as storage space for any tablets and is large enough for a number of pills. The lid and slicer of the pill splitter closes securely when not in use, to protect users from the blade and to prevent any pills stored in the tray from being lost or dropped. As this product is so light, it can be easily carried around in a bag to be used either at home or on the go, making it ideal for users who are required to take medication on a daily basis or those with limited dexterity.