7-Day-Detach-'N'-Go-With-Cutter 7 Day Detach 'N' Go With Cutter

7 Day Detach 'N' Go With Cutter

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* Use at home as a full-week unit * Detach the day you need when you're out and about * Keep on track with your medication regime * Ergonomically contoured compartments for easy removal * Cutter included in secure locking compartment "“ break larger pills into manageable pieces * Incredible capacity "“ each compartment holds up to twenty pills If there's one thing a strict medication regime doesn't tend to allow, it's flexibility. Create your own with the new 7 Day Detach 'N' Go pill planner. Sure to become a permanent fixture on your dressing table, the Detach 'N' Go can be used as a full-week organiser at home with the option to snap off the day you need when you're out and about. There's even a handy cutter in its own locking compartment, perfect to split larger pills into manageable pieces at home or on the go. It's easy to get caught up in the outside world, and at the Ability Superstore "“ that's exactly the way we like it! Don't let medication get in the way of your adventures; make it compliment them instead. When detached, each compartment fits comfortably into your pocket or handbag so you never need to be without the essentials. Specifications: Dimensions: 8.38 x 1.75 x 1.13" Colour: White / Purple / Green Pack Includes: 1 weekly planner with 8 fully detachable compartments