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7 Day MediChest

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* Organise your four-times-a-day week of medication in one handy tray * Easy-open contoured compartments for morning, afternoon, evening and bed time * Perfect for travel "“ remove the days you need when you're on the go * Braille markings and raised letters "“ great for blind or partially sighted users * Handy prescription management sheet included These days it's easy to become overwhelmed while the world appears to whizz by around you, and that's without the hassle of a four-times-a-day medication regime. Keeping track of pills and dosage can sometimes seem more confusing than it's worth. Take some of the strain off with the 7 Day MediChest. A single base tray comfortably accommodates seven four-compartment planners "“ one for every day of the week! Keep it on your bedside table or dresser to see the whole week at a glance, or pick out the days you need when travelling away from home. The compact daily planners offer a surprising amount of secure pill storage while fitting easily into any suitcase or handbag so you never need to be without your essentials. Specifications: Dimensions: 5.25 x 8.13 x 1"