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* Easy-open compartments accessible with a single press * Great for users with arthritis or reduced mobility in fingers and hands * Ultra secure pill storage at home and on the go * Underside grips prevent sliding during use * Generous storage space for up to 46 pills Weekly medication regimes are tricky things to keep track of, especially with today's busy world flying by on all sides. Add reduced mobility to the mix and you've got a disaster waiting to happen. Give yourself a well-deserved break with this 7 Day Push to Open Pill Planner. Our anatomically contoured compartments mean arthritis won't stop you from using this planner "“ the lids lock securely into place when closed, but can be released in seconds with a single light press. Perfect for your bedside table, the eye catching lime design makes sure you'll never miss a pill again. Planning a trip? Don't let daily medication overshadow that long-awaited family holiday. Pop this compact planner into any bag and let us take care of the boring bit for you. Specifications: Dimensions: 1 x 3.25 x 10"? Colour may vary