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Adjustable Quad Cane

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This adjustable walking stick comes with a wide quad base and features a curved neck. Through the special design of this cane, the user's weight is placed directly over the shaft for safety. This, coupled with the wide base, means that the centre of gravity is low down, reducing the risk of the stick falling over. The handle is shaped to fit the centre of the palm and the front tapers for the fingers. A steel construction with silver shaft and black powder coating finish allows for durability on the base. Quad base with support struts ensures stability Comfort crafted handle Adjustable height settings Lightweight yet durable steel Sleek silver and black finish Dimensions: Height adjusts from 750 to 927mm (29.5 to 36.5") Base dimension 232 x 245mm (9 x 9.5") Ferrule size 16mm (0.6"). Weight 1.1kg. Maximum user weight 21 stone. (133.4kg)