Adjustable-suction-cup-grab-bars Single hand non adjustable 32cm (13'')
Adjustable-suction-cup-grab-bars Small Adjustable 44cm-56cm
Adjustable-suction-cup-grab-bars Large adjustable 65cm (26'')- 78cm (31'')
Adjustable-suction-cup-grab-bars Medium adjustable 55cm(22'')- 68cm (27'')

Adjustable Suction Cup Grab Bars

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  • Superior adhesion properties 
  • Quickly and easily installed on to tiled, marble or glass surfaces
  • No tools required
  • No stains or damage to surfaces
  • Telescopic setting makes the bar adjustable
  • Stainless steel release with locking levers. 

These grab rails with large 4.5" rubber suction cups provide superior adhesion properties and are a temporary or permanent solution to your mobility needs around the house or when travelling. They are quickly and easily installed on to tiled, marble or glass surfaces without the need for any tools and without making any lasting damage to the surface. Ideal for use in bathrooms to help in the shower or when toileting. Telescopic bars mean that they are very versatile and can be used either for one or two hands.

Please note that the product is designed to provide support; it is not designed to hold an individual's entire body weight.