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Auto Buckle Wheelchair Belts

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Auto Buckle Wheelchair Belts Features:

  • Seatbelts provide security for wheelchair users
  • Easily installed and operated
  • Adjustable to suit the user
  • Specifications: maximum length 1320mm (52 inches)

Using a wheelchair can have its risks, when navigating rough terrain there is the chance of a dreaded bump or tilt that could seriously injure the user. In order to prevent this, we can present a seatbelt that can be attached to a variety of wheelchairs in order to protect the user from any crashes. They work in a similar fashion to car seat belts, as these wheelchair belts are fitted with an automatic press-to-release buckle for convenience. There are two styles of fitment are available, one that simply wraps all the way around the chair and the user, or one that can be fitted via existing screws on the back of the chair. Choose which one would suit you the most, and would offer the most security. They are both installed with simplicity and will work with most standard wheelchairs. They are also easily adjusted in length to suit the user so that one again you can feel secure in your wheelchair.