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Auto Dial Panic Alarm

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Auto Dial Panic Alarm - Features:

  • The pendant can be worn around the neck for round the clock coverage
  • Can call pre-programmed numbers when activated using the landline connection
  • A pre-recorded message will play down the receiver
  • 2-way conversation is available
  • Just add four AAA batteries

Ideal for the disabled or those living alone and concerned about falling, this handy device can provide security and peace of mind. The panic alarm is a small pendant that can be worn around the neck. In an emergency the user presses the button and the main unit dials for help. If the first number is busy or on voicemail, it will dial the next pre-programmed number. The user can record their own help message and 3 telephone numbers can be programmed (neighbour, relative or friend for example). When answered, two-way conversation is possible. The main unit is powered by a 6V adaptor (included). The device connects to a home land line telephone socket, it includes a telephone connection cable and double adaptor to connect a home telephone. There is a generous range from the panic button to the main unit 50m. A personal emergency system for individuals who may be living along and prone to falling. Dimensions: Main unit: Length: 110mm (4.3") x 160 x 40mm (4.3 x 6.25 x 1.5 inches) Width: 160mm (6.25") Depth: 40mm (1.5") Pendant: Length: 40mm (1.5") Width: 50mm (2") Depth: 15mm