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Auto Mobility Solution

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It is important for people to be able to travel to where they need to go, or to places that they want to see. When struck with mobility issues, the idea of going in the car can be daunting as it does put a lot of strain on the body. In order to assist users when entering and leaving the car, this handy dual pack has been created. It contains a swivel car cushion and a Handybar. These two products will easily be installed to your car, providing the passenger or driver with assistance. The swivel cushion allows the person seated to face the door without having to lift themselves to turn around. It is a soft padded, flexible turning disc that is ideal for use on car seats, chairs and beds. It allows a smooth swivel transfer without painful jarring or twisting. The underside is covered in an anti-slip material for added safety and the top is cushioned for comfort. The handy bar is a portable item that creates a temporary grab rail when locked into place within the car door. Create a mobility friendly car without the expensive upgrade Both portable so can be placed in whichever car is in use Handybar locks into car U-shaped door striker 430mm (17") diameter of swivel cushion For more info on handybar see product code: 31055