Bariatric-steel-transport-chair 56cm (22'')

Bariatric Steel Transport Chair

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This attendant powered chair has been designed for transporting larger users short distances. It has all the features associated with a regular travel chair but has a stronger construction in order to accommodate heavier users. The bariatric chair has a steel frame, unlike many other travel chairs. The dual reinforced steel cross braces are exceptionally sturdy and can give extra support to obese users of the chair. The weight capacity of this chair is 32stone or 200kg. The upholstery has been made from a heavy duty reinforced nylon so that the user can sit down. Built into this is a back carry pouch for storing personal items. To add more support, there are removable reversible armrests at desk length, as well as height adjustable footrests. So that the chair can continually be moving, 12" rear solid wheels are puncture proof. But for when a stop is needed, there are user accessible parking brakes. Like most travel chairs, it may be folded down to save space when not being used. This bariatric transport chair can accommodate users up to 200kg.

  • Can be folded for storage purposes.
  • A double-crossed reinforced steel frame
  • Removable, reversible desk length armrests
  • The Nylon upholstery is heavy duty
  • Height adjustable footrests
  • 12" rear solid tyres