Bath-in-Bed-Wipes---Pack-of-8 Bath in Bed Wipes - Pack of 8

Bath in Bed Wipes - Pack of 8

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Bath in Bed Wipes - Pack of 8 Features:

  • Better for the skin
  • Minimise cross-infection risks
  • All in one product no need for a separate moisturizer
  • No need for water
  • Dermatologically tested and approved

The Bath in Bed Wipes is ideal for fast, effective and gentle cleansing of the body and face. They can be used cold, or warmed for extra comfort, and are unperfumed to be as gentle as possible on the skin. These wipes do not require any water or rinsing, and so are perfect for those who may be bed bound. Traditional basin bathing can lead to poor skin integrity and nosocomial infections; scummy basin water creates a 'bacteria soup' which leaves patients microbiologically dirtier after the bath. These wipes can be used to cleanse the skin, remove harmful bacteria, control odour, stimulate tissue and promote relaxation and comfort all in one, without any need for water.