Bathe-Lite-Barrier-Wash-Cloths Bathe-Lite Barrier Wash Cloths

Bathe-Lite Barrier Wash Cloths

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Bathe-Lite Barrier Wash Cloths Features:

  • Better for the skin
  • Minimise cross-infection risks
  • All in one product no need for a separate moisturizer
  • No need for water
  • Dermatologically tested and approved

Extra care for those with incontinence related issues is provided by the use of these 3% Dimethicone barrier wash cloths. These large, very thick and soft cloths have been designed to provide additional skin caring properties to vulnerable patients. These barrier wash cloths are suitable for use cool straight from the pack, or warmed for added comfort. Each pack contains an insulated foam insert, which aids heat retention if the product is warmed prior to use. Containing a special formulation which in addition to its normal cleansing and deodorising functions, incorporates added moisturising agents, including 3% Dimethicone, which particularly helps to hydrate damaged skin, providing a transparent, breathable protective barrier, sealing in the moisturising properties whilst helping to prevent further damage to vulnerable skin due to additional incontinence episodes.