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This bed fleece is made from 100% pure new lamb's wool. It can be placed in the bed to offer an extra layer of comfort as well as a whole host of other properties. They are suitable for individuals who perspire a lot in the night thanks to wool's unique ability to absorb moisture, thus preventing the skin from becoming 'clammy'. This allows the skin to breath more effectively; which can be very important in areas that are easily irritated or being treated. Unlike polyester fleeces, wool can absorb up to 33% of its own weight in moisture without feeling damp, compared with polyester's 5%. Wool will not feel cold even when damp. These real wool bed fleeces have a remarkable natural resilience: with the real Lamb's wool highdensity 1" deep pile this distributes pressure more evenly giving immediate comfort and relief. Real wool has a gentle touch that prevents friction burns from abrasive sheets. The Bed Fleeces are pre-treated to enable the real Lambs wool to be hot washable up to 161°F (71°C) and autoclaved. The Real Wool Bed Fleeces can be washed at these temperatures up to 50 times and still continue to give softness and comfort to patients. These wool bed fleeces offer an extra layer of comfort for the user Wool is great for absorbing perspiration through the night They help spread pressure evenly for comfort Wool is breathable and soft for a pleasant sleeping surface There are single and double sized fleeces available