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Bed Grab Rail Slatted Beds

Bed Grab Rail Slatted Beds

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Bed Grab Rail Slatted Beds Features:

  • Ideal for those with limited mobility
  • Large base means Bed stays perfectly stable 
  • Handle can take a high amount of stress, up to 20st in pressure
  • Fits to the vast majority of slatted beds
  • Easy to clean surface

This is an under the mattress supportive handrail that has been designed to be suitable for slatted beds, unlike many other kinds of bed rails.This handrail does not require a fiddly installation, nor any drilling or screws. Simply line it up with your mattress and then slot it underneath. The weight of the mattress spread across the large base frame provides the necessary compression for a secure railing. The large base means that the mattress remains flat and stable, even when the handle is under great stress. This white grab rail will fit into most bedrooms and is easy to clean. The fact that this grab rail will work with most slatted beds, means that you do not have to replace your bed or make major changes when you begin to need additional support. A hand or grab rail made to assist users with getting in and out of bed This grab rail is versatile and will work with most slatted beds The wide base increases stability through a low centre of gravity No tricky installation process, simply slide under the mattress A polished white finish will match the décor of most bedrooms.

Specifications: Base width 625mm (24.5"). Base length 700mm (27.5"). Base to top of handle 480mm (19"). Maximum user weight: 20st (127kg)