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Bed Handling Blocks

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It can be a difficult task when manoeuvring themselves in bed. As an individual is lying down, there is a lot of strength required to move around in the bed. For this reason, we can present some innovative bed blocks that can create an instant handle, anywhere on the bed. Designed to provide a secure grip while manoeuvring, these Bed Hand Blocks can make the user feel more independent and less reliant on carers. Simply place the block to where it is needed and friction will keep it in place thanks to the non slip base. The blocks are held in the hand and used to move in the bed. They are lightweight with a comfortable angled handle and non-slip base. The blocks are supplied as a pair and easily cleaned in hot water up to 75°C. A set of bed blocks to aid the user while in bed They create an instant anchor with handle The non-slip bases ensure security They are small in size, making the portable Supplied as a pair Specifications: Base width: 110mm (4.25") Base length: 215mm (8.5")