Bed-Leaving-Alarm Bed Leaving Kit

Bed Leaving Alarm

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Bed Leaving Alarm Features:

  • Includes voice recording technology 
  • Record your own personal message 
  • Patients are more likely to obey spoken instructions 
  • Uses a high-tech sensor to trigger alarm 
  • Option for 15 minute alarm delay

CTM-2 VOICE ALARM MONITOR The CTM-2 includes voice recording technology to enable short voice memo's to be recorded. The voice message can be triggered for playback from a variety of sensor devices including; bed occupancy sensor, chair occupancy sensor, floor pressure mat, magnetic door contacts, PIR (CTM-PIR) or any device producing a volt free output. BED LEAVING ALARM KIT (CTM-BKIT) For a person at risk from falls in the home, this kit provides an effective economical solution. The CTM-2 monitor is used with a CT-3 bed sensor. A message is recorded "Don't get out of bed I will be there to help in a minute". The sensor is positioned under the bed mattress or on top of the mattress depending on the type of bed or persons weight. When the person rises from their bed, the voice monitor plays the recorded message. The patient is more likely to obey instructions from a relative or known voice. The CTM-2 also includes an alarm delay selector switch that provides an option for a 15 minute delay before alarm.