Bed-Side-Cot-Wedges-and-Draw-Sheet Wedges

Bed Side Cot Wedges and Draw Sheet

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These side wedges help to prevent a patient from falling out of bed. A fall even from a bed height can be extremely dangerous and could result in a serious injury. These wedges are raised which makes it difficult for the individual to roll out of bed, as they would be fighting against gravity. A cotton draw sheet is held in place by straps that have quick release buckles, for easy access. The wedges are cushioned for comfort and lined with a wipe-clean fabric. They are held into position onto the draw sheet with two hook and loop strips. This product is ideal for the individual who is prone to a lot of movement in their sleep. These wedges are a cost effective, and more comfortable solution to buying a bed that comes with bedrails. A set of wedges on a sheet that prevents individuals from falling out of bed. These raised cushions will form a soft barrier to anyone who moves in their sleep. The draw sheet is secured with straps and quick release buckles. They can be wiped down with ease for cleaning. A cotton draw sheet makes for a comfortable night's sleep.

Specifications: Length: 900mm (35.5") Width: 200mm (8") Height: 200mm (8") The wedges and draw sheet can be purchased separately.