Bigfoot-Half-Step Bigfoot Half Step

Bigfoot Half Step and Handles

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 Bigfoot Halfstep Features :

  • Adjustable height
  • Optional support handles
  • Can take up to 50 stone in weight
  • Moulded feet buffers
  • Comes with a security assembly kit 

This is the Bigfoot half step, designed to make mobility much more accessible. The height of this half step can be adjusted between 4 and 5 inches to suit different heights.The step can also take up to 50 stone in weight. This makes it a durable and reliable piece of equipment. The Bigfoot half step has been built to be robust and long lasting. There are four moulded feet that will grip the ground firmly. These may even be moulded to suit uneven ground conditions. This model is equipped with two guiding handle bars, offering the user an extra support, and a security fixing kit ensures a stable and easy installation. Choose between a Bigfoot Half step or the handle, which is sold separately Length: 75cm (30") Width: 45cm (18") Height: 10-12cm (4-5")