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Boccia / Bocce / Botcha Ball Play Set

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Boccia (pronounced botcha) is an internationally recognised game played at the Paralympics.It was developed so that those who are experiencing difficulties relating to their motor abilities or suffering from weakened strength are able to play a competitive game. Boccia can be enjoyed by anyone regardless of age or ability. The aim is to score as many points as possible by getting as many of your Boccia balls closer to the jack than your opponent, working in a similar fashion to bowls. This is a complete boccia playing set which means that there are all of the balls necessary to get a game up and running. While not being competition standard balls, these boccia balls allow for play in an amateur setting. These Boccia balls are made from a unique pliable material which allows them to be propelled in any manner, be it thrown, rolled or pushed. this benefits those who experience difficulty relating to their mobility. Boccia is an internationally recognised game, played at the Paralympics. It may be played by individuals, in pairs or in teams. This handy set includes 13 balls, 6 red, 6 blue and 1 white jack/target. A set of boccia balls and a jack which allows many individuals to join in There are 6 red balls, 6 blue balls and a jack ball which can be played on a wide variety of surfaces Boccia can allow less able users to exercise and fine tune their motor skills The balls are extremely durable and are recommended for use in an amateur setting The handy set is affordable and can be played in a manner that suits each user