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Boccia Grid for Blind Boccia

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This unique grid makes it possible to play the game of Boccia without the use of vision. Boccia for the blind is played very much like ordinary Boccia, except without the use of sight. All players should be blindfolded. Two teams (consisting of 1-3 players) compete, the team who is closest to the Jack ball wins. The players "see" the court by sensing with their finger tips on the grid. The referee or assistant inserts pins into the grid after each ball is thrown. The rubber grid and press-in pins allow the player to scan the board (which is scaled to the playing area - 10cm:1m) with their fingers. The pins have different shapes for the red or blue team, and the larger pins are placed to represent the players sitting position. The other pins are then placed to represent the balls on the court. Despite any sight conditions users can play, providing a fun and exciting game, whilst improving and training focus, tactile senses, coordination, balance and space perception.

  • A way for blind people to join in with board games.
  • Boccia is a fun and exciting game.
  • Can be played 1v1 or as a team.
  • It improves focus and coordination of players.