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Boccia Measuring Plate

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Boccia is a fun and rewarding game that allows those with visual impairments to play. It is an internationally recognized game played at the Paralympics. The aim of the game is to score more points than your opponent by getting your Boccia balls closer to the jack than your opponent. It is a game that may be played solo, in pairs or in teams. In order to maintain fairness, the balls used to play Boccia must all be the same size. Some people may use another brand of ball to another player, so assessing their size is rather important. Instead of having to use a difficult circle perimeter measuring method, we can present this handy Boccia Measuring Plate. It can ensure that the Boccia Ball is of correct size in a quick and simple way. The user has to try and fit their Boccia balls through both of the holes on the plate. To assess whether it is the right size, the ball must not pass through hole one, but has to pass through hole two. A simple way to ensure that Boccia playing balls are within suitable size limits The plate provides a visual means of measurement which is not fiddly It means that the user does not have to use alternative methods such as string or flexible tape measures The user simply has to place the ball over each of the two holes Their ball mustn't pass through the first hole, but if it passes through the second it is permitted