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Bridgit Walking Stick or Crutch holder

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The Bridgit is a 'Really Useful' clip which solves the problem of what to do with sticks or crutches when they're not being used. As someone recovering from an injury or who relies on crutches permanently, it can be extremely difficult to gather fallen crutches from the floor. The design allows for crutches to be clipped together into an X shape to rest against any nearby, handy surface. This eliminates the chance of the crutches falling, therefore preventing injury to the user. It is not only crutch users that can benefit. Walking sticks can be kept close at hand by hooking the stick over the back of a chair or handrail. Bridgit also allows a walking stick to be hung from a table or counter top. Fits most conventional crutches Turns any surface into a handy holder Great value for money Works for crutches and sticks Lightweight so doesn't affect the crutches use Fits diameters 19 to 22mm.