Button-Hook-with-Built-Up-Handle Button Hook with Built Up Handle

Button Hook with Built Up Handle

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This is a handy tool to assist individuals with doing up the buttons on a shirt. Simply slot the hook through the button hole and grab the button, then pull it through the hole. So that users with arthritis or other conditions can do up their buttons with ease, this button hook has a large, built-up handle for improved grip. This handy little device lets users retain their independence as they can get dressed without the assistance of others.

  • An easy to use button hook to aid individuals with getting dressed
  • There is a large built-up handle to improve user grip
  • Those fiddly shirt buttons will no longer be a problem while getting ready
  • Its small size allows it to be stored and transported with ease
  • Allows users to retain their independence

Specifications: Length: 215mm (8.5") Handle Width: 38mm (1.5") Weight: 110g.