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Do you often misplace your cane or walking stick? How about those times when you've gotten comfortable but something comes up and you urgently need to be on your feet again? More often than not, you're stick's lying just out of reach, right? That's where the cane stay comes in. The design allows for any stick to rest against a nearby wall or surface without it falling over. It can be used on most conventional walking sticks. An ergonomic design makes the Cane Stay incredibly comfortable to use, so it's ideal for those with arthritis or an otherwise weak grip. Fitting is extremely simple for the user. To fit, simply squeeze the two wings and ease over your walking support at the desired level. The brilliantly compact and lightweight design means it can slip into any pocket or handbag to travel with you, providing unrivalled support and convenience on the go. Compatible with all canes measuring 0.75-1"? in diameter Lightweight and compact, letting it be taken with you on the go Easy to use, so is great for arthritic individuals Ergonomically shaped comfortable usage Balance your walking stick or cane against walls, on tables and other surfaces