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Care Call Fall Detector Pack

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This fall detector pack is part of the Care Call range. This range of products is designed to offer peace of mind and allow emergency messages to be relayed to a carer if required. This pack contains a key fob transmitter which can be worn as a pendant. This pendant has an inbuilt sensor that will provide an automatic alert in the event of a fall, as the sensor is triggered by a shock when the pendant strikes the floor. When such a change is picked up, the carer with the Care Call Vibrating Pager will be alerted within a 100 to 1000m radius. As well as this emergency feature, the pendant also features a simple press button that will signal the carer in an emergency when required. The pack includes the Fall Detector Fob, the Vibrating Pager, and the Trickle Charger. A care pack that will alert the carer in the case of an emergency.

This pack includes a fall detector fob-pendant, a vibrating pager and a trickle charger The sensors would detect a fall if the patient is incapable of pressing the button The carer will be sent an emergency alert if a fall occurs or if the patient needs assistance 6V battery included with low battery indicator.

Dimensions: Length: 42mm (1.5") Width: 75mm (3") Depth: 18mm (0.3") Please see under Related Items below for the other products available within the Care Call range.