Care-Call-Movement-Monitor-Pack Care Call Movement Monitor

Care Call Movement Monitor Pack

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Care Call Movement Monitor Pack Features:

  • Simple to install
  • Uses infrared signals 
  • Activates when patient breaches sensors field of view 
  • Can be angled to cover a specific space 
  • Can be placed on floor to substitute a pressure pad 

This compact mains powered wireless movement monitor is simple to fit and easy to install. Using an infra-red sensor the monitor will send a signal to the pager or portable SignWave receiver (Sold Separately) whenever a person passes through the sensor's field of view. Ideal for use when caring for someone who may wander such as a child. The monitor can be angled to cover a specific room or staircase but allowing free passage to other rooms without activating the pager or SignWave receiver (Sold Separately). The monitor can also be located at a low level at a bedside to act as a bed leaving alarm where a pressure pad would not be appropriate. For additional monitoring this movement monitor also has an audio sensor with variable sensitivity and time delays for use when monitoring sounds within a room such as a child crying or someone calling for assistance. With many applications, this monitor can also be used to support both the carer and the cared-for in many different types of care environment. This Pack comes complete with the PIR Movement Monitor, the Vibrating Pager and a Trickle Charger This is used to monitor individuals remotely. It can be linked up to other care call products. Wireless technology allows for discretion and a greater range of placement locations.

Dimensions: Width: 95mm (3.75") Height: 210mm (8.25") Depth: 65mm (2.5")