Chromed-Shoehorn One size

Chromed Shoehorn

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Chromed Shoehorn Features:

  • Made from luxury chromed metal
  • Allows those with limited mobility to reach the ground without injury
  • Horn is mounted on a sprint to allow shaping and leverage 
  • Comfy plastic handle 
  • Hanging loop for easy storage 

This product is a luxury, chromed metal, long-stemmed shoehorn. By having a long 60cm length, it means that individuals who suffer from mobility problems can reach the ground without hurting or straining themselves. The shoehorn blade is mounted on a spring to allow it to bend in relation to the handle when levering on shoes. This means that it can work in a way that feels natural for the user. The comfy plastic handle is easier for the user to grip and the shoehorn has a hanging loop for easy storage. The spring is flexible so that it bends in relation to the handle. The handle is easy to grip for users with limited dexterity. The long length means it is easy to use as a lever. A hanging loop means that the user can store the shoehorn in an easily accessed location. A metal construction is durable and looks good in chrome.

Specifications: Length: 600mm (24") Weight: 115g