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Classic Max Reacher

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Classic Max Reacher Quick Facts:

  • Gel grip handle for increased comfort 
  • Straight trigger and lockable Gripcert® jaw that is soft yet firm for carrying valuable items 
  • Non slip grip 
  • Magnetic tip for picking up dropped metal items and items too small to grab like paperclips.
  • Great homeware accessory for the elderly and those wit aching joints 

The Classic Max reacher combines all of the great benefits of the Classic and the Classic Pro, whilst adding and extra gel grip handle for comfort, a straight trigger for ease of use and a lockable jaw. The non-slip grip provides firmer hold, whilst the soft gel of the handle ensures that you hand remains comfortable. All of the classic reachers are supplied with a magnetic tip for picking up dropped metal items, as well as a dressing hook. Gripcert® lockable  jaw and handle ensuring a firm but kind grip of the finest of items.