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Connected Cot Side Bumpers Set

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These cot side bumpers are designed to reduce the risk of entrapment by closing the gap between mattress and bedsides. If an individual were to get a limb trapped within railings in the night, and attempt to move, they could cause themselves a serious injury. This kit attempts to eliminate the chances of that occurring. Supplied as a set of two bumpers with one base sheet, these bumpers add an extra level of comfort to your sleep. The highly permeable base sheet connects two cot side bumpers and forms a safety net to prevent limbs falling through under the rails. It also reduces the harshness of cold metal when in bed, making for a more comfortable nights sleep. The bumpers offer padded support and are covered with wipe clean vinyl for added durability. A pair of cot bumpers with a base sheet for beds with railings They reduce the risk of limbs getting trapped in the rails Padded bumpers make the railings more comfortable for the individual The bumpers have a wipe clean vinyl cover for easy cleaning This product combines safety with comfort Dimensions: Length: 140cm (55") Height: 76cm (30")