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These cot side bumpers are designed to cushion the railings of beds, similar to how those on cot work. By having walls at the side of the bed, there is less chance for a user to fall out. Reduce the risk of entrapment or injury with cot side bumpers. If an individual is prone to rolling around in their sleep, these cot walls can help keep them in the bed. Otherwise they may fall out and cause themselves a serious injury. They have been designed to fit bedrails fitted to beds up to 1400mm (55") long. With a standard height of 760mm/30 inches (when laid flat) these cot sides reach over most bedrails (up to 380mm/15 inches in height). The bumpers can be easily and quickly attached to the rails with a hook and loop fastening along the bottom edge. They are far more comfortable than the base metal railings. They are sold in pairs. A pair of cot side bumpers for the user's safety It prevents entrapment and them rolling out of bed These cushioning bumpers are comfortable The installation process is incredibly simple They will fit a vast majority of bed railings Specifications: Approximate flat dimensions: - Length: 134cm (53") - Width: 76cm (30") Approximate dimensions when in use: - Length: 134cm (53") - Height: 38cm (15")