Cups-With-Built-In-Straw 384ml

Cups With Built In Straw

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  • Built-in straw for easier drinking
  • Secure lid to minimise spills
  • Safe grip design to hold easily
  • Transparent design
  • 370ml

This cleverly designed cup features a built in straw which also doubles up as a handle! The straw prevents the need to buy additional straws and is a clever alternative to having to hold the straw still whilst drinking. Ideal for individuals who may struggle to drink from a standard cup, or for children who haven't progressed onto using cups without straws yet. This product helps to prevent spills and minimise the risk of leaks. The cup features a screw on lid to easily refill with any liquid which adds further security when preventing spills. Ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in the user's hands, the undulating shape of the cup helps to provide added grip when holding the cup.