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The Darenth is a free standing height adjustable shower chair with back and arms. The chair is ideal for those who are not very confident on their feet and means they can independently shower, with the opportunity for a rest. Being able to wash ones self is a key factor when it comes to maintaining our independence, and using the Darenth chair promotes the maintenance of good hygiene levels. It is ideal for use in a small shower and thanks to its lightweight qualities it can be easily removed and stored allowing multiple use of the shower area. Users are free to sit on the chair when in the shower, and it will not slide around due to the rubber non-slip ferrules on the base of the legs. This means that the user can feel safe and secure as they use the shower. Drainage holes in the chair also heighten the safety of this chair. The chair features a front cut away for easy personal cleaning. The chair is easy to clean and is an affordable solution to dignified self cleaning when mobility problems strike. A simple free standing shower chair that can assist those with mobility problems when in the shower The chair has multiple safety features including non slip rubber ferrules on the legs and drainage holes on the seat. Cleaning the chair is no difficult task, and it is more affordable than a bathroom conversion A front cut away makes personal cleaning much easier while users are sat down The seat height can be adjusted from 500mm up to 650 mm with ease.

Specifications: 190kg Weight Limit. Weight: 4.85kg Footprint: 505 x 535 - 585 Cutaway: 140 x 130mm Height from seat to top of back: 400mm Seat depth: 360mm Width between arms: 450mm Seat to floor:500-650mm Back to floor: 890-1040mm Seat depth: 360mm Height of arms: 190mm