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Deluxe Lightweight Self Propelled Aluminium Wheelchair

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The Deluxe Lightweight Self Propelled Aluminium Wheelchair range is sturdy, reliable and robust, ideal for the active and independent user. The large rear wheels feature a grip bar so that the user is free to wheel themselves using their palms. The wheels are a quick release design in case they need removing. This wheelchair has many features that provide comfort for the user. Luxury padded upholstery is easy to clean and cushions the user as they are sat. Flip back armrests can provide support when needed and detachable leg rests can be adjusted to assist the user in the best possible way. There are handgrips and easy to access brakes if an attendant does help propel the wheelchair. To provide the strength and security a user would desire, the wheelchair has been constructed using a high-grade aluminium, reinforced by a double crossbar at the base. Side panels offer the user some privacy as they use the chair, and the chair can be folded down for convenience. Reducing the size of the chair means that storage space can be saved, and would fit on public transport or in a car boot for the frequent traveller. Available in a choice of 4 contemporary colours. 


  • Height: 89cm x Width: 63cm x Depth: 108cm
  • Net Weight: 14kg
  • Seat Height: 51cm x Seat Width: 46cm x Seat Depth: 40cm
  • Maximum User Weight: 115kg (18st)