Deluxe-Pressure-Relief-Orthopaedic-Coccyx-Cushion Coccyx cushion

Deluxe Pressure Relief Orthopaedic Coccyx Cushion

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The deluxe pressure relief coccyx cushion is the perfect solution for those who suffer from lower back or spinal pain. It has been specially designed to offer relief from pain, aches or soreness. This is a comfortable, yet highly supportive cushion that is portable. The compact size and its light weight means that a user can carry the cushion with ease to wherever it may be needed. Ideal for use in a car, wheelchair or whilst traveling on a plane or train. The deluxe pressure relief cushion is lightweight at only 600g, yet remarkably efficient. The unique design has a coccyx cut out to ventilate and prevent the build up of pressure in the effected region. The nodular finger-like projections can disperse pressure, so that the user's weight is spread evenly across the base, unlikely to accumulate and cause pain. The cushion is constructed from a 3cm thick, high density foam topped with a 4.5cm eggcrate (convoluted) memory foam topper for improved comfort and air circulation. The washable cotton cover is easy to put on and off as desired. A specialist cushion featuring a coccyx cushion to maximise user support and comfort. Provides extra support in cars, around the home or on a wheelchair. Designed to fit most types of wheelchair, this cushion can disperse pressure evenly to alleviate pain. The spread of bacteria can be reduced thanks to the machine washable cotton twill cushion cover. Eggcrate memory foam provides the perfect balance between support and comfort for the user.


  • Max user weight: 100kg
  • Net Weight: 600g
  • Thickness: 3cm