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Dignity Commode

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Dignity Commode Features:

  • Comforting thermostatically controlled water and pre-heated toilet seat
  • Plugs into the household electrical supply
  • Two wheels for easy manoeuvrability
  • Sturdy ferrule feet
  • Wall mounted remote control with large clear buttons

A self-contained, mobile bidet commode, designed to help users to toilet independently without the need for assistance from others. A safe, convenient, and hygienic solution to a standard commode chair with a bucket, the Dignity offers the additional wash and dry feature of a bidet for improved and private personal hygiene, without the expense of installing a shower-toilet. It is simple to use, the in-built water reservoir is removed from the side of the commode and simply filled from the tap. Soiled waste is collected in the supplied potty for easy disposal. The cleaning and drying programme is operated via a detachable control panel and can be preset for suitable lengths of time or overridden if required. After the warm water spray, the air dryer automatically starts blowing warm air. In order to ensure user peace of mind, there are sturdy ferrules with a non-slip rubber to secure the commode down. There is a wall mounted controller with large buttons that make the process very hygienic, as well as easy to use. The high-tech commode is made from high-quality plastics and steel for added durability.