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DreamMaster Grab Handles

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DreamMaster Grab Handles Features:

  • Ideal for those with limited mobility
  • Can be used for getting out of the bed or just changing position 
  • Incredibly simple installation process
  • Puts user in optimum position 
  • Can take high amounts of weight and pressure

DreamMaster Side Rail Grab Handles are not fitted to the DreamMaster as standard and if required should be ordered separately. When fitted, these side rails will raise with the back ensuring that the rail is always in the correct position for most users. Please remember that the rail required should be ordered as seen by the use. So a right hand side rail will be on the right of the user when in bed. Similarly a left side rail will be on the users left when lying in bed. These railings can provide users of the DreamMaster with a guiding support, which can provide stability for people getting in and out of bed, or those changing position.The installation process is incredibly simple.