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Drinking Cup with Two Lids

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Plastic cups can often be beneficial for users who have less control. If people struggle with moving their hands, gripping a regular cup or glass can be difficult, and has the potential to result in a spillage and break. Broken shards of ceramic or glass can be dangerous, as it could result in injury.

This plastic drinking cup will not shatter if dropped, meaning no danger and no spillages. This cup comes with 2 lids with a long spout, which is easy to direct towards the mouth and reduces spillages further. The cup can hold up to 200ml of liquid. It is easy to wash out and is also dishwasher safe.

There are a range of colours available. A plastic drinks cup that is easy to hold on to Plastic will not shatter so the risk of injury is reduced Ideal for individuals who suffer with hand control problems

The cups are dishwasher safe

Available in a range of colours