Dual-Wheel-Powerstroller-with-Reverse Dual Wheel Powerstroller with Reverse

Dual Wheel Powerstroller with Reverse

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The S-Drive Powerstroll is a clever device that enables people to power their standard wheelchair. Motorised wheelchairs can be extremely expensive, and this machine can easily be fitted or removed to standard wheelchairs within seconds. It creates a motorised chair at a more affordable price. The controller has full programmability and a comprehensive fault management system. The remote also allows control with variable speed dial, forward and reverse function, illuminated battery gauge and fingertip trigger control. Speeds of up to 4mph are obtainable, depending upon surface and terrain. It can travel up to 10 miles on a full battery charge (depending upon conditions of use). Assembly is easy with a unique once click docking station, and a new push and slide battery removal system. This advanced accessory will fit most standard wheelchairs with up to a 20-inch seat width. We do also offer additional parts that are available to work with wider wheelchairs - please contact us for details. This Powerstroller comes complete with a carry holdall with shoulder strap.

  • Affordable upgrade to create a power-chair
  • Remote is placed at fingertips for control
  • Easily installed with simple 1 click
  • Long lasting battery (10 miles)
  • Suitable for most standard wheelchairs