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Dycem Non Slip Grippimats

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The Dycem Non Slip Mats are a must have accessory for all kitchens and will make life much easier. The mats can hold, grip and help you to even open products by enhancing your grip on jars. Dycem is the market-leading heat resistant non-slip material "“ so why look elsewhere? The specially designed aid is not sticky, but grips to dry or slippery surfaces like worktops, trays, floors and tables to prevent movement. They are available in either round or rectangular shapes, and in blue or red. To clean just pop them into soft, soapy water and they will retain their 'magical' properties. Superb accessory for the kitchen Use on a flat surface or use to help open jars Intelligent heat-resistant and non-slip material Available in different shapes and colours to suit user preference Easy to clean