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Easy Reach Kit

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This kit is ideal for those with mobility difficulties, back problems and medical conditions such as arthritis. The kit contains a long handled sponge, a grabber (or reacher), a sock aid, a dressing stick and a shoe horn.

The 18 inch long handle bath sponge allows washing of difficult to reach places with minimal effort. Those requiring extra assistance to clean those hard to reach areas will find the long easy to grip handle with contoured bath sponge a useful bathing accessory for washing the feet, legs and back independently.

The simple but effective sock aid holds your sock in place whilst keeping the toe area open to allow you to put your own sock on. Place the sock onto the helper and then pull the tapes to leave the sock on your foot.

The aluminium reacher allows the user to pick up or move items that would otherwise be out of reach, therefore preventing unnecessary movement or discomfort. This grabber has a small magnet on the end for picking up pins, paperclips etc.The clamp on this reacher is also adjustable allowing for a wider or narrower grip area. When not in use the reacher can be easily folded away to save space.

The dressing stick is used to help when movement is limited or the use of one arm or hand makes dressing difficult. It helps to pull on clothing such as jackets, shirts, trousers or skirts and can be used to pull up zips using the hooked end. Both ends are finished in moulded plastic.

The sturdy plastic shoe horn has a smooth finish which will not ladder stockings or snag socks. The long one-piece shoe horn assists in easing-on footwear from either a standing or sitting position.

An essential everyday dressing and reaching aid kit for those experiencing mobility and bending difficulties.