Economy-Slide-Sheet Orange Tag - 72x70cm
Economy-Slide-Sheet Yellow Tag - 122x71cm

Economy Slide Sheet

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Economy Slide Sheet Quick Facts:

  • Multi-directional sheets 
  • Ideal for turning for X-ray, surgical procedures, recovery, pressure care  ,changing a dressing, cleaning and more 
  • Reusable
  • Washable above 70C
  • Available in a range of sizes

These Slide Sheets eliminate the need of a lift and allow patients to be transferred safely, without causing strain to a carer or patient. The slide sheets are multi-directional, which provides a greater degree of glide which is particularly useful with the heavier patients or when only a single carer is present. The slide sheets are ideal for turning patients, be it for X-ray, surgical procedures, recovery, pressure care or changing a dressing or cleaning; sitting a patient up in bed for feeding, drinking; moving a patient on or off a bed, and more, all without painful sheeting to the hips, shoulders and skin in general. This product can be used again and again, as it can be washed above 70C. Available in a range of different sizes. Slide sheets can facilitate safe transfer of a patient They remove the need for a mechanical lift Multi-directional transfer available Ideal for hospitals, care homes or domestic use Each colour tag represents a different size