Etac-Socky-Long-Stocking-Aid Etac Socky Long Stocking Aid

Etac Socky Long Stocking Aid

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Etac Socky Long Stocking Aid - Features:

  • A tool to assist users with pulling up or getting off socks It can also be used for stockings and tights.
  • The aid is simple to use and comfortable for the user.
  • The nylon fabric makes this aid easy for use by those with dexterity problems.
  • Its long length means little effort is required by users who have mobility issue

This long sock and stocking aid from Etac makes it easy to put on short or long stockings, socks or even tights. This is great for individuals who might be experiencing problems with their mobility, as bending down to put on socks has the potential to cause injury or strain. This aid is very versatile as it is made up of two combined aids that are used for application or removal of tights. Users with impaired hand function can also use this due to the socks or stockings easily sliding over the nylon fabric. Take the effort out of putting on or removing socks with this convenient aid by Etac. Please note that this is a special order item and is therefore not returnable.

  • Specifications: Length: 600mm (23.5") Weight: 146g