Etac-Socky-Support-and-Compression-Stocking-Aid Etac Socky Support and Compression Stocking Aid

Etac Socky Support and Compression Stocking Aid

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Etac Socky Support and Compression Stocking Aid - Features:

  • Specially designed for fitting stockings of various lengths 
  • Entirely flexible , making storage much easier 
  • Easy for carers to assist the user 
  • Material is easy grip so can pull the stockings easier 

This stocking aid is designed for putting on support stockings of various lengths and types. It is entirely flexible, which means that storage is made much easier, and it can be used in transport. The large handles make it easier for others to assist the user in application. It can also be used with only one hand. It means that users who experience mobility issues can once again put stockings on without the hassle. If individuals suffer pain or strain as they bend down, this stocking aid could be for them. As it is a versatile material, it can be used on a wide variety of stocking types and sizes. A stocking aid that helps the user put on their stockings with ease The material is easy to grip and adapts to a range of stocking sizes There are large handles which allow carers to offer assistance It is great for those with mobility issues as it can prevent an injury It can easily be cleaned with a simple wipe down. Specifications: Length: 1m (40") Width: 200mm (8") Weight: 90g