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Fake Door Knocker

Fake Door Knocker

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  • Give your loved one a sense of home and belonging with these door knocker decals
  • Available in brushed gold and silver finishes
  • Simply place the knocker on the door and the adhesive on the back will stick firmly down!
  • Easily recognisable from other doors
  • Dimensions: Thickness: 3mm, Height: 180mm Width: 90mm

This fake door knocker can be used with the door graphic decals. They are designed to make dementia sufferers feel familiar whilst at home. These are used to customise the door of a patient's room in a care home setting. If an individual suffers from dementia and is in a care home setting, they may get confused and go into the wrong places, especially if all of the doors look the same. This door knocker decal adds a little bit of customisation to their doors. The front door aesthetic can allow an individual to really feel like their room is their space and home. This self-adhesive Door Knocker comes with smoothed edges and is available in brushed silver or brushed gold metal finishes. This decal is designed to look like a door knocker Allows an individual to recognise their door from another Easily stuck onto any door Made for use with the door-cals Available in silver or gold colours Dimensions: Thickness: 3mm thick, Height: 180mm Width: 90mm