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Feeder Cup with Twin Handles

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Everybody should be able to enjoy their food and drinks. Problems relating to hand control can have a big impact on daily life, which could be detrimental to your health. if an individual lacks the hand control to feed themselves, it can have bad results. This cup aims to facilitate self feeding and drinking, promoting user independence. The wide contoured handles on this cup assist with self feeding, particularly useful for those with poor grip. Having two handles can assist those with limited strength and coordination, resulting in fewer spillages. It comes complete with either a narrow or wide spout lid. To make cleaning easier, the cup is dishwasher safe (except lid) To reduce the risk of injury, the plastic cup is durable and will not smash like glass.

  • A plastic cup with two wide handles
  • This assists users who have problems with grip or strength in one hand
  • Supplied as a narrow or wide spout lid to reduce the risk of spillages
  • It will not smash if dropped from drinking height
  • Cup is dishwasher safe (wash lid by hand)

Specifications: Length: 90mm (3.75") Width: 130mm (5") Depth: 70mm (2.75") Capacity: 250ml (9fl.oz) Weight: 15g (5oz)