Fibre-Filled-Support-Pads-(Heel-/-Elbow) Heel Support

Fibre Filled Support Pads (Heel / Elbow)

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* Fibre-filled for gentle support and pressure relief * Weight is distributed evenly across support surface * Velcro straps are easy to operate independently * Vapour permeable material keeps users cool * Wipe-clean "“ no need to worry about spills or staining * Available for heel and elbow * Heel support not to be used as a walking boot Versatility is at the core of these fibre supports. Available for the heel and elbow areas, they're a reliable source of pressure relief, sore prevention, trauma rehabilitation and assistance for individuals in a post-operative period. Weight is distributed evenly across the supports by an incredibly comfortable and springy fibre filling which protects vulnerable joints and allows them to heal. Cut-away portions in the design and our innovative vapour permeable fabric work together to allow unrivalled air circulation. Body temperature is regulated at all times, reducing sweating and maceration of the skin - the combined effect of which is an overall lessening of friction and general discomfort. When not in use the supports can easily be wiped down with a damp cloth or soapy sponge to keep them in excellent condition for longer.