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Flannel Bib Clothing Protector

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Clothing protectors are useful for a whole range of tasks. For individuals who struggle with hand control, they can mean that food or drink does not get onto their clothes. Certain hobbies warrant extra clothing protection, such as painting or glueing. Without a bib, our clothes would get ruined, which is why this flannel bib has been developed as an affordable clothing protector. This bib has a flannel outer layer with a water repellent lining so that liquids are kept away. It goes around the neck and is easy to fasten thanks to the snap closure feature. It is machine washable and can also be wiped down. The design is one of a blue abstract pattern.

  • Comfortable to wear
  • Highly effective
  • Water repellent lining 
  • Snap closure mechanism
  • Fully machine washable