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When relying on a wheelchair, individuals may be sat down for an extremely long amount of time. Especially for people who struggle to move themselves, sitting in an uncomfortable chair for hours on end can be distressing and take its toll on the body. In order to combat this, a fleece chair cover has been developed to work as an overlay cushion to make wheelchairs much more comfortable to sit in. This fleece is luxurious to rest on but has a hard wearing nylon backing for added durability. It simply sits over the chair and doesn't need any tricky installation. The perfect addition to any chair or mobility scooter. Made from synthetic fleece to provide comfort and warmth Fleecy cover will fit most wheelchairs and is secured by an adjustable buckle/strap Provides comfort to those who spend long periods of time sat in chairs Designed mostly for wheelchairs but can be used on scooters and other types of seats/chairs Hard wearing nylon backing makes it suitable for indoor & outdoor use Dimensions: Length: 33" (84cm) Width: 17" (43cm)